Let’s Talk About Digital Identity with Petteri Ihalainen, Senior Specialist at the National Cyber Security Centre, Finland (part of Traficom – Finnish Transport and Communications Agency).

In episode 33, Oscar’s on home turf talking to Petteri Ihalainen about the identity landscape in Finland and all about the Finnish Trust Network (FTN) – what it is, why it came about and what the benefits are for Finland’s population. They also discuss Katso, Finland’s business-to-government national delegation solution (read more about Katso here), and eIDAS, a regulation that Petteri is deeply involved in.

“You get basically the whole population of Finnish people through a single contract.”

Petteri IhalainenPetteri Ihalainen has an extensive information security background, having worked for organisations like SSH, Ubisecure, the EU Commission, Gemalto and GlobalSign. During his career he has participated in advanced initiatives and digital identity programmes in various roles. He’s currently working as a senior specialist at the National Cyber Security Centre of Finland (part of Traficom – the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency) in a team that supervises and advises organisations deploying digital identity solutions. Petteri also acts as one of the country’s representatives at the EU-level in eIDAS related tasks and programmes.

Find Petteri on LinkedIn and on Twitter @Ihalain.

Read more about ‘What is the Finnish Trust Network‘ in our blog.

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