Let’s talk about digital identity with Jurgita Sarkovaite, Innovation and Strategy Manager at NEO Consulting.

In episode 28, Jurgita and Oscar discuss digital transformation, particularly in light of COVID19, and the critical role of identity in any digital transformation project. The conversation also explores the importance of digital identity in customer experience and how companies are approaching digital identity in light of that, including who has ultimate influence over digital identity projects within the organisation and the popularity of Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS, SaaS-delivered IAM).

“Digital identity is part of every digital transformation project because it would be impossible to do without it”

Jurgita Sarkovaite headshotJurgita Sarkovaite is Innovation and Strategy Manager at NEO Consulting. She’s also Professor of Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation courses at Pacífico Business School, Peru. Jurgita has 8+ years of project management experience in digital strategy consulting, technology and software development. Her research covers digital culture, entrepreneurship and innovation. She has a passion for education.

You can contact Jurgita on LinkedIn or email jurgita.sarkovaite@neoconsulting.ai.

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