Let’s talk about digital identity with Rachelle Sellung and Alberto Miranda García, representing the LIGHTest Project.

As the successful three-year LIGHTest project draws to a close, Oscar talks to two key team members – project lead, Rachelle Sellung, also of the IAT University of Stuttgart, and project partner Atos representative, Alberto Miranda García. They discuss the idea behind LIGHTest, what it’s all about, specific use cases of the infrastructure, and the project’s achievements at its completion.

“Are you sure you’re doing the transaction with that person? Is that person a trustworthy counterpart in that transaction?”

Find out more about the LIGHTest project at lightest.eu or visit the community website at lightest-community.org. LIGHTest are also on Twitter @LIGHTest_trust and on LinkedIn.

LIGHT est = Lightweight Infrastructure for Global Heterogeneous Trust management in support of an open Ecosystem of Stakeholders and Trust schemes.

Rachelle Sellung

Rachelle Sellung

Rachelle Sellung is a Senior Scientist in the competence team of Identity Management at the IAT University of Stuttgart. Within this interdisciplinary team with an array of skill sets, she provides the Economic perspective for not only Identity Management, but a variety of IT Security related technologies. She contributed a socio-economic perspective in the large-scale EU FP7 project FutureID, which developed an identity management infrastructure for Europe. Currently, she is the lead for the University of Stuttgart in the EU Horizon2020 project, LIGHTest. Find Rachelle on Twitter @rachellesellung and on LinkedIn.

Alberto Miranda Garcia headshot

Alberto Miranda García

Alberto Miranda García is Senior Business Consultant at Atos. Coming from the financial industry sector (Barclays Bank UK) he joined Atos in the Financial Services of Consulting Division. Later in 2017 Alberto joined the Financial Services sector of the Atos Research and Innovation unit, committed to business consultancy and exploitation management for European level projects, mainly related to Cybersecurity and Identity.  Find Alberto on LinkedIn.

This podcast is produced by Ubisecure who, among other respected identity players, has been one of the cooperating partners of the LIGHTest project, in its capacity as a provider of Customer IAM interactions. Ubisecure has contributed by giving insights into current best-of-breed principles in service provisioning in IAM globally; and by reviewing and contributing to the LIGHTest specifications and design from that perspective.

We’ll be continuing this conversation on Twitter using #LTADI – join us @ubisecure!


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