Let’s talk about digital identity with Rainer Hörbe, Senior Manager at KPMG Austria.

Rainer HörbeIn episode 14, Oscar and Rainer discuss identity management and eGovernment, including views on challenges in real eGovernment projects – India’s Aadhar, Austria’s smart ID card and China’s residents’ card. They also talk about Kantara’s eGovernment work group, of which Rainer is the chair, and the annual TIIME conference, which he organises.

Rainer graduated in Computer Science from the University of Vienna. Working as a software developer for some years, he then specialised in identity and access management starting in 2001. In roles as a security and identity architect he contributed to projects like the Austrian eGovernment identity federation and European framework projects (epSOS, MAPPING). He is chair of the eGovernment WG at Kantara Initiative and contributor to standardisation activities in standards developing organisations like ISO SC27. He started the TIIME event – an annual identity conference – in 2013. Currently he has the position of Senior Manager at KPMG Austria, consulting clients in different sectors on enterprise IAM topics.

Find Rainer on Twitter @rhoerbe1 and on LinkedIn.

Find out more about the annual TIIME (Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe) event in Vienna at tiimeworkshop.eu. The event facilitates the cooperation between the innovative communities in various fields of trans-organisational trust and identity matters.

Check out Kantara’s eGovernment Work Group here – kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/eGov/Home.

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