Let’s Talk About Digital Identity with Khalid Maliki, Co-Founder & Managing Director, and Jimmy J.P. Snoek, Co-Founder & CEO at Tykn.

Khalid and Jimmy join Oscar for episode 35 of the podcast, discussing everything Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and the SSI company they co-founded, Tykn. The conversation details the ‘three pillars of SSI’ (verifiable credentials, decentralised identifiers and blockchain), how SSI fits with existing processes, what it should appear as to end users (and what level of education they need around the technology), the importance of accessibility for inclusivity, and what’s next for Tykn.

“In 5 years, people should take [SSI] for granted”

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Khalid Maliki

After many years working in UX at the Dutch Ministry of the Interior, Khalid’s keen product design knowledge combined with a passion for social impact led him to put all his time and efforts into co-founding the award-winning digital ID company Tykn. Khalid believes Self-Sovereign Identity will positively impact billions of people’s lives and has advocated for its adoption on the most important stages, from the Economic Forum in Africa to the United Nations in NYC. He considers one of his biggest achievements to have co-founded a happy family.

Find Khalid on LinkedIn and on Twitter @Khalidworks.

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Jimmy J.P. Snoek

Jimmy J.P. is a musician, business developer and entrepreneur, currently residing in The Hague, The Netherlands. After having worked as a professional musician in Spain and having started his first company in The Netherlands before the age of 20, Jimmy was accepted into the prestigious McGill University in Montréal, Canada and co-founded the now award-winning digital ID company Tykn. As an evangelist of data privacy and an early adopter of crypto, Jimmy has spoken about the merits of blockchain and self-sovereign identity at conferences and institutions worldwide since 2017, and has been featured in multiple publications, including The Guardian.

Find Jimmy J.P. on LinkedIn and Twitter @idforgood.

Tykn leverages blockchain technology to bring trust, privacy, and interoperability to identity. Tykn’s Ana platform allows organisations to issue tamper-proof digital credentials which are verifiable anywhere, at any time. Users can prove their ID to access services while remaining in full control of what personal data is viewed, shared & stored.

Find out more at tykn.tech.

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