Fully featured identity and access management software for your online services

Your most crucial asset is your Customer

The better you know your customers the better your bottom line looks. Ubisecure Identity Server is a tool to truly know your customer.

The Ubisecure Identity Server is a product based identity and access management suite that is installed onpremise. Internal identity and access management solutions are ill-equipped to deal with external identities. The goal of internal identity and access management is to improve efficiency of your employees by cutting down time to login into systems and reducing password reset requests. Ubisecure Identity Server is a tool to improve your revenue by multiple methods:

Improve Sales & Marketing ROI

Improving your sales and marketing efficiency by 20-30% as you now know your customer and your sales managers no longer have to wonder who is in charge of function X in the customer organization.

Reduce Support Costs

Reducing cost of your customer service desk by allowing more self-service functions your customers can use 24/7.

Ubisecure Identity Server

Increase capture & conversion

Increase capture & conversion by allowing your customers use something that they already have for both registration and returning.

Improve Customer experience

Improve customer experience and journey by putting the customer first and allowing for you to develop functioning omni-channel strategies

We’ve taken the product approach with our solution. We want our customers to be able to reap the benefits of proper customer identity management in weeks, not in months. Our solution is highly configurable and adaptable – without writing a single line of dedicated code. All our outward interfaces are completely adaptable and brandable through simple configuration changes or using our extensive REST APIs.

Instead of spending months in building an identity and access management solution a collection of libraries and developing your own custom code – why not deploy an identity and access management solution that can be up & running in few weeks time? Solutions that require you to modify the source or develop your own unique integrations have a tendency to create a hard to break vendor lock-in.

A pre-configured Ubisecure Identity Server can be live in a few weeks with application, identity repository and CRM integration. Our IAM Academy constantly trains our system integrator partners to deploy our solutions and we can field hundreds of battle hardened IAM professionals to help you to know your customer as you should.

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Features & Benefits


  • Ubisecure Identity Platform will create comprehensive log entries to help your orgnization to meet even the most stringent auditing requirements
  • Audit data can be easily integrated to third-party SIEM and analytics tools

CRM Integration (optional)

  • Automate and create cost savings in user management by linking customer identities to the CRM contract life-cycle
  • Increase efficiency in onboarding by sending invitations directly from the CRM interface
  • Improve the accuracy of customer data and increase sales and marketing efficiency by 20 – 40%
  • CRM applications such as and Microsoft Dynamics can be integrated to Ubisecure Identity Platform through extensive RESTful APIs

Streamlined Workflows

  • Increase convenience and customer satisfaction by deploying out-of-the-box workflows for registration, authorization, identity management, invitations, password resets and more
  • Create your own workflows through simple configuration — no scripting or programming needed
  • Configure multiple workflows based on use case or business requirements
  • Automate workflows or approval processes
  • Utilize APIs for a seamless user experience. You can utilize the RESTful APIs and embed identity management functions directly to your own applications

Tiered delegated administration

  • Tiered delegated administration lets your external users manage their organizations’ identities, create new ones, invite others, authorize employees and more
  • Minimize the amount of outdated or incorrect customer data by letting your customers manage their own information
  • Achieve considerable cost savings in customer service operations by delivering self-service workflows for your external users

Registration and verification

  • Automated registration based on contract information queried from your CRM
  • Smooth registration workflows for multiple use cases with optional e-mail and phone number verification
  • Option to use strong authentication during registration to ensure valid identities
  • To increase accuracy of input, each form field can have their unique verification rules

Federation (inbound and outbound)

  • Build extensive business ecosystems through comprehensive support for federation
  • Kantara eGov profile support out-of-the-box
  • Protocol translation, e.g. from SAML to WS-Federation and vice versa
  • Supported standards: SAML 2.0 (Fully Liberty / Kantara certified since 2008), OpenID, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, Mobile Connect, WS-Federation, TUPAS, ETSI MSS (ETSI TS 102 204) make this a benefit, eg., Wide support for standard protocols means less time writing custom applications.

User driven federation

  • Let your customers and external users bring their own identity (BYOID)
  • Any of the 20+ supported authentication methods can be used to link user identities in a matrix fashion
  • Strengthen or verify any weak identity with a strong multifactor method to create verified social or business identities

Centralized policy engine

  • Centralized policies are managed by Ubisecure Identity Platform
  • Authentication and authorization policies can be quickly modified for one or more online applications using the administrative web interface
  • Zero or minimal policy development effort is required for the connected applications

Identity broker engine

  • Identity broker engine always delivers the correct attributes to the online application (e.g. GDPR requirement)
  • IBE connects to various identity repositories and builds the identity information based on the authorization policy
  • Authorization decisions can be based on e.g. direct group membership, indirect group membership, authorization through authentication method, attribute group mapping, dynamic rules for versatile authentication


  • RESTful APIs are available for multiple functions enabling you to embed identity management functions to your own applications and services or request additional information about the user during runtime
  • SAML Attribute Query supports user attribute verification during a valid session

On-premise, managed or public cloud

  • Ubisecure Identity Platform scales from small enterprise use cases to nationwide deployments
  • You can select the most appropriate deployment model for your organization from on-premise installations to public cloud

Support for cloud applications

  • Built-in support for industry standards make it easy to integrate Ubisecure Identity Platform to cloud applications.
  • Ubisecure Identity Platform to enable Single Sign-On to cloud applications such as, Dropbox, Salesforce, Mindflash, and more
  • Enable strong authentication for business critical cloud applications using any of the 20+ supported authentication methods available, including strong multifactor out-of-band methods

20+ supported authentication methods

  • Always a correct way to authenticate a user from social identities to strong multifactor out-of-band methods
  • Step-up authentication when needed
  • Social: Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Live, LinkedIn, Mixi, VKontakte, any OpenID, OAuth
  • Username+password: ID+pwd, Windows SSO, AD integration, SQL integration, LDAP
  • OTP: OTP TAN list self-service print-out & SMS OTP, 3rd party tokens and mobile apps
  • Mobile: Mobile Connect, SMS+URL, USSD, Swipe/Click OK (app), PIN+PKI (app), biometrics+PKI (app), TOTP (app)
  • Mobile PKI: ETSI MSS Wireless PKI standard (native client)
  • Business: Microsoft O365, Google Apps for Business, Active Directory
  • PKI: Smartcards, tokens, soft certificates
  • Nordic BankIDs: TUPAS, BankID Sweden, EID2 Sweden, NemID Denmark

Application integration

  • Applications can be quickly integrated using the online applications support for standard WebSSO protocols such as SAML, OpenID Connect and WS-Federation
  • If the online application platform does not have support for WebSSO protocols, multiple off-the-shelf application integration solutions can be used to connect the online service to the Ubisecure Identity Platform without extra development effort
  • Policies are managed in Ubisecure Identity Platform making it easy to integrate Web SSO to practically any online service
  • Other integration options: HTTP header injection (possible to also emulate SiteMinder, WebSeal, SelectAccess, etc.), HTTP basic emulation, Kerberos constrained delegation (requires TMG or Citrix Netscaler), IIS 6 impersonation (S4U impersonation)

Extendable verification of user data

  • To ensure accurate user input, all registration form fields can have a unique verification logic
  • Verification rules can be easily extended
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