Fully featured identity and access management software for your online services

Your most crucial asset is your Customer

The better you know your customers the better your bottom line looks. Ubisecure Identity Server is a tool to truly know your customer.

The Ubisecure Identity Server is a product based identity and access management suite that is installed onpremise. Internal identity and access management solutions are ill-equipped to deal with external identities. The goal of internal identity and access management is to improve efficiency of your employees by cutting down time to login into systems and reducing password reset requests. Ubisecure Identity Server is a tool to improve your revenue by multiple methods:

Improve Sales & Marketing ROI

Improving your sales and marketing efficiency by 20-30% as you now know your customer and your sales managers no longer have to wonder who is in charge of function X in the customer organisation.

Reduce Support Costs

Reducing cost of your customer service desk by allowing more self-service functions your customers can use 24/7.

Ubisecure Identity Server

Increase capture & conversion

Increase capture & conversion by allowing your customers use something that they already have for both registration and returning.

Improve Customer experience

Improve customer experience and journey by putting the customer first and allowing for you to develop functioning omni-channel strategies

We’ve taken the product approach with our solution. We want our customers to be able to reap the benefits of proper customer identity management in weeks, not in months. Our solution is highly configurable and adaptable – without writing a single line of dedicated code. All our outward interfaces are completely adaptable and brandable through simple configuration changes or using our extensive REST APIs.

Instead of spending months in building an identity and access management solution a collection of libraries and developing your own custom code – why not deploy an identity and access management solution that can be up & running in few weeks time? Solutions that require you to modify the source or develop your own unique integrations have a tendency to create a hard to break vendor lock-in.

A pre-configured Ubisecure Identity Server can be live in a few weeks with application, identity repository and CRM integration. Our IAM Academy constantly trains our system integrator partners to deploy our solutions and we can field hundreds of battle hardened IAM professionals to help you to know your customer as you should.

See how the award winning Ubisecure Identity Platform improves Customer Experience, Operational Efficiency, Security & Privacy and delivers Regulation Compliance like GDPR.
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