During this development cycle we have focused our lens on Sweden in particular, specifically with the continued support for Swedish BankID. Additionally, we have performed expected security and life-cycle management development. For full details, please head over to review the Release Notes.


Swedish BankID

Throughout the Nordics, the ability to strongly identify oneself is considered to be second nature. The countries have invested substantial time over the last twenty years ensuring that each citizen and resident can perform many of their day-to-day tasks online. To carry this out, one needs to have a strongly authenticated digital identification method.

Within Sweden, this is predominantly BankID. Since our original support of BankID via CIBA (Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication) back in the summer of 2018, things have changed. We have reviewed the BankID Relying Party Guidelines (v3.7) and developed an authentication adaptor to enable you to directly configure BankID within the Identity Platform. This means both two device flow, and the more commonly used single device flow, are supported. Now your users can strongly authenticate your web page or mobile app directly on their mobile device.

Focus Sweden

Full support for BankID coupled with our existing support for Freja eID and Svipe means that you can empower your users to authenticate with the most common services in Sweden. It’s well known that Ubisecure has a long history of supporting the Finnish population with a full suite of authentication options, from banking (TUPAS, which is now the FTN), through social logins (O365, Google and Apple), as well as specialised authenticators.  Our latest release demonstrates our commitment towards Sweden, and we continue to develop the Identity Platform with a pan-European focus. We will be carrying out additional work over the next year to develop animated QR codes, required in 2024 by BankID. If there is an authenticator you need, that we are not yet offering, please contact Support or your account team and let us know. We work alongside our customers to ensure our Identity Platform evolves in line with your needs and expectations.

Improved Security

Ongoing security maintenance is, of course, paramount. As we maintain the Identity Platform, we continue to improve both its functionality and security. During this release cycle, we have focused on updating Wildfly (to Wildfly 26). We have also updated OpenLDAP to 2.5.14, and Redis support to 6.2.8. Support of Linux Redhat 8 has also been tested. We always encourage you to upgrade to the latest possible release of our software as it provides the most secure and feature-rich Identity Platform possible. As always, you can find highlights of the changes on the Release Notes along with a link to the detailed example of the logging changes found on our Developer Portal.

Looking Forward

In the short term, we are continuing work towards ongoing improvements that will be available in the next month, when we release updates for both SSO (SSO 9.2.1) and CustomerID (CID 6.2.1). Over the summer, we are continuing the maintenance cycle as usual. Continuing into the autumn and winter, we will be continuing our research into risk-based authentication development and other aspects of strong authentication.

Please have a listen on your favourite podcast platform to our Let’s talk about digital identity podcast. You will hear from a wide range of guests covering many digital identity hot topics, including possible development areas. If there are specific features you would like to see developed into the Identity Platform, you are very welcome to let our Operations team, or your account team, know.

As always, if you have any questions over this release or prior releases, just reach out. We are here to help.