On 4.9.2020 Suomi.fi announced that the algorithms used in Suomi.fi authentication would be updated to harmonise security and protections to SAML2 authentications to be in line with Traficom’s SAML2 profile recommendations. Initially on 15.10.2020 these changes will be applied to the Suomi.fi Customer Test environment. Then towards the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021 the changes will be applied to the Suomi.fi Production environment. Please find the original announcement from Suomi.fi here.

How this impacts your Ubisecure IDS Platform

If you connect to Suomi.fi, then most likely your IDS environment uses SAML2 to integrate its applications.  So:

  • You will need to update your environment when a patch is available for the SSO application within your IDS Platform.
  • You may also need to upgrade your environment to a supported version of IDS to access this patch.

When is the update available

We are working to create and test the needed patch version. Our estimation is to have the patch available for the following supported versions as quickly as possible.

SSO 8.5.1  – estimated: 15.10.2020

SSO 8.4.2 – estimated  mid November 2020

SSO 8.3.9 – estimated mid December 2020

As with all software, Ubisecure would like to encourage you to upgrade your IDS Platform in a timely manner. We release two to three Identity Server platform releases per year, which include feature improvements, corrections to known deviations and security fixes. We use semantic versioning on software releases. Minor versions are shows as, SSO 8.x.0 and CustomerID 5.x.0. As needed, we also will release patch version, SSO 8.5.x or CID 5.5.x. Patch versions will contain requested deviation corrections or essential security fixes. Updating your environment regularly is the best way to ensure you have access to the latest security fixes and the quickest access to essential code corrections such as this one.

Please see our standardly supported versions of the IDS Platform applications here:


We will make a new Technical Announcement when the patch for each supported version is released.

Please contact your Integration Partner or Ubisecure Account Representative with any questions. Ubisecure encourages all customers to review and schedule service upgrade to this latest release. Bringing system flexibility and new features to ensure the best user experience possible for your businesses is our goal.