This release contains a couple of corrections requested by our customers.

The new corrections can be found from IDS 2020.1 Release Notes

This patch contains two minor fixes

  • When logged in as Administrator, the information shown for a pending user registration is now displayed in readable text. Previously user attributes were hashed, delaying the Administrators task of approving or denying the pending user registration.
  • Resolved an internal server error and stack track in Administrator UI when Admin attempted to create an existing organization with a different case; for example “New Organisation” vs “new organisation”. There was also an update to REST API 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1 to return error 409 in these cases.


These are improvements from the CID 5.5.3 application released within our IDS 2020.1 release. Customers should use this latest patch when upgrading from any 5.4.x or prior version. Customers already utilizing CID 5.5.x should review the 2020.1 Release notes (link above) to evaluate if this patch carries essential improvements for their environment.

CustomerID 5.5.4 can be found in the following location:


Please contact your Integration Partner or Ubisecure Account Representative with any questions. Ubisecure encourages all customers to review and schedule service upgrade to this latest release. Bringing system flexibility and new features to ensure the best user experience possible for your businesses is our goal.