This release focuses on improvements and corrections in SSO related to OpenID Connect and SAML methods, in connection to the Finnish Trust Network. If you are an active participant, or if you are considering becoming a participant within the Finnish Trust Network, we recommend installing this patch release.

Detailed information about the changes in this release can be found in SSO 8.4.1 change log.

Finnish Trust Network FTN

In our earlier blog post What is the Finnish Trust Network (FTN)? we describe in more detail which the different actors are and what roles they have. To facilitate these different use cases we have made a couple of improvements and corrections from previous SSO 8.3.8 release.

In addition, there are improvements related to performance issues identified by customers.

Note that installing or upgrading to SSO 8.4.x versions includes a new Accounting Service that will require having a PostgreSQL database available for storing data. A complete list of changes made within SSO 8.4.x can be found in Identity Server 2019.1 Release Notes.

SSO 8.4.1 can be found in the following location:

Please contact your Integration Partner or Ubisecure Account Representative with any questions. Ubisecure encourages all customers to review and schedule service upgrade to this latest release. Bringing system flexibility and new features to ensure the best user experience possible for your businesses is our goal.