customer test environment patch is now available.

As we previously announced:

“On 4.9.2020 announced that the algorithms used in authentication would be updated to harmonise security and protections to SAML2 authentications to be in line with Traficom’s SAML2 profile recommendations. Initially on 15.10.2020 these changes will be applied to the customer test environment. Then towards the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021 the changes will be applied to the production environment. Please find the original announcement from here.”



This patch release permits the continued use of your integrated applications with the customer test environment. Detailed information about the changes in this release can be found in SSO 8.5.1 change log.

SSO 8.5.1 can be found in the following location:

Please contact your Integration Partner or Ubisecure Account Representative with any questions. Ubisecure encourages all customers to review and schedule service upgrade to this latest release. Bringing system flexibility and new features to ensure the best user experience possible for your businesses is our goal.