Today we announced our new technology partnership with Svipe, enabling us to offer Svipe’s identity verification method to Ubisecure’s Nordic customers. Svipe’s identity verification method provides end users with a way to strongly identify themselves online using their biometric passports and faces.

Read the full press release here.

Jonas Ingelström, Chairman at Svipe, said:

Being able to offer digital trust and secured digital identities for people that do not have BankID or similar services has long been a missing component for online business in the Nordics. Partnering with Ubisecure, as the leading European identity service provider, helps us grow the use cases of Svipe’s technology and explore even bigger markets.

Jörgen Thunholm, Partner Manager at Ubisecure, said:

Building trust within the digital world on a global scale is essential. We are thrilled to be able to offer Svipe’s identity verification solution to our Nordic customers.

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