Today Ubisecure announced a new partnership with the EU-HUB Network, a Germany-based software distributor offering a portfolio of trusted digital solutions. This strategic collaboration represents the next stage of Ubisecure’s DACH expansion, which began in 2019.

Read the press release here in English or here in German.

Michael Buerger, Founder & International Sales Partner at the EU-HUB Network, said, “the Central and Eastern European market is ripe for explosive growth of digital services, of which digital identity is a key enabler. Customer-facing digital services cannot be successful without robust, specialist identity software, so I’m very proud to be working with Ubisecure on providing just that. I have been aware of Ubisecure for some time through my previous partnership with a German technology analyst firm and have always recognised Ubisecure’s commitment to its consumer identity specialism and innovation.”

Volker Zinser, Country Manager DACH at Ubisecure says, “having officially launched Ubisecure’s DACH expansion in 2019, we are seeing a surge of interest in organisations looking to embed proven, scalable identity solutions. Digital identity is, at its core, about trust, both on the organisation and consumer side – an intrinsic success factor for business in the DACH region. This makes digital identity not just an IT Security priority, but also a priority for Customer Experience and Marketing objectives.”

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