This April, we invited Ubisecure’s network of partners to join us at our headquarters in Espoo, Finland, for yet another successful IAM Academy. IAM Academy is our local partner training event series, taking place across our business regions to meet high demand from new employees and those seeking a ‘refresher’ on our joint services at partner companies.

For me, as part of the Sales Engineering team, IAM Academy is one of the best times to meet our partners face-to-face and get to know their latest challenges and expectations in this fast-paced world of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). Over 2 days, we explored the CIAM world from the basics to the technical, exploring the hottest topics in digital identity today.

Oscar, Sebastian and Sami

Ubisecure colleagues from left: Oscar Santolalla (me), Sebastian Sandell (Technical Product Owner) and Sami Lindgren (Sales Engineer)

Inside the IAM Academy

Day 1 started with the basics of CIAM, with an emphasis on the advantages of Customer IAM over traditional IAM. Our partners find this section particularly useful in order to feel comfortable talking about these kinds of common questions from their clients, who are often curious about what the differences are.

We then reviewed the most relevant authentication methods, with the Finnish Trust Network (FTN) of particular interest due to TUPAS expiring at the end of September 2019.

Day 2 began with Ubisecure’s product architecture and continued with in-depth sessions around identity federation, authorisation policies, single sign-on and APIs. A special module was dedicated to Mobile Connect, a global digital identity solution that enables passwordless authentication, as our Identity Platform allows Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Service Providers to quickly deploy highly featured Mobile Connect services.

We also heard the latest news on court decisions about GDPR violations. Ubisecure’s own DPO (Data Protection Officer), Jesse Kurtto, showed us some of the first cases in which European courts have enforced heavy fines to companies that have been deemed too lax in protecting their customers’ personal data. Of course, these are exactly the kind of issues that CIAM can be leveraged to solve.

Ubisecure DPO Jesse Kurtto presenting on GDPR

Ubisecure DPO Jesse Kurtto presenting on GDPR

It was an insightful two days, full of learning, demos and fruitful discussions, and it was great to hear that our attendees agreed:

“The Ubisecure training days really showcased a well-rounded introduction and deep-dive to the IAM world. A room full of people with different skillsets were clearly capable of following the topics.  Great initial touch on the subject, followed by specialized talks and actual code examples really demonstrated the know-how of Ubisecure in the IAM environment.” – Mathieu Devos, Intopalo

“Thank you and the others for the excellent training.” – Anas Mohamed, KnowIT

“It was a pleasure for me attending the IAM course at the Ubisecure Academy. In fact, it was a thrilling experience to note and learn how to deal with receptive issues. I was actually overwhelmed with the care, hospitality and knowledge I returned to my home city Beirut with. In my humble opinion, I think Ubisecure is a trustworthy company and it is my preference to deal with its products and services.” – Mohamad Nehme, CIEL

For more information on the content of the IAM Academy and Ubisecure’s partner-first approach, check out this blog.

Coming Soon

If you want to learn more about the Finnish Trust Network, come to see us at APIDays Finland on 4-5 June, at which we will host the workshop entitled, “Connect your application to Finnish Trust Network.”

This autumn, we will announce an exciting revamped sales training session for partners, which is positioned to arm commercial staff with everything they need to deploy a successful CIAM sales strategy. Watch this space!

Partners who haven’t completed the IAM Academy yet can register their interest in the next event with their Ubisecure contact or watch out for announcements on upcoming events.

If you’re not currently doing business with Ubisecure and would like to find out more about partnering with us, get in touch here.