IAM vs. I AM

IAM, IoT, SSO.. All of these sounded more or less like type errors when I first started at Ubisecure as a marketing intern. And when spoken of I wondered if I even speak the same language with everyone else. I had landed in a totally new world.

I started to wonder about the actual meaning of these abridgments and was faced with IAM – Identity and Access Management. IAM in this world is about letting the right people access the right places at the right time for all the right reasons.

For me IAM sounded like I am. And I am a person with lots of roles; I am an employee, a student, a Finnish citizen, an aunt etc. I can switch between these roles as I go along and even use some of them at the same time without the need of having to verify each role in different ways or having to let somebody to know that would let somebody know about my roles.

All of these are at my hand and I am in control of my roles and who I like to share them with. Some of them are given to me and some I can give to others.

I noticed that the people around me also have different roles that are linked to each other and can be in different levels. For example my niece isn’t allowed to do all the same things that adults are and we both know it. Or at least one of us is trying to.

When my niece grows up she can handle and enjoy more of life’s different features at hand to her. In a sense she gets to a upper level and has more access. For example she can learn how to ride a bike and go to the park with the bike. Wouldn’t it be strange if I had to call somewhere to get a permission before she could do that? That I (or her parents) couldn’t permit her these things and new levels without the need of some third party? It wouldn’t make sense, right? It would be slow, time wasting and bit too much. Then why are we expected to do this with our customers and in businesses life generally?

What if we didn’t have to?

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