Increase customer engagement, provide better services, reduce customer care costs and enable new business models through Ubisecure’s highly adaptable Customer IAM / Consumer IAM Solutions for b2b and b2c use cases

A modern business value driven approach to Customer IAM


Customer IAM Business Value


Ubisecure Customer IAM is an off the shelf product available as on-premise software, managed or private cloud, designed to minimise IAM operating costs and maximise revenue and user experience, and meet the scaling requirements of future business models:

  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Increase conversions and engagement with a consistent customer experience
  • OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Minimise operating costs with improved efficiency

  • REGULATION: Meet EU driven regulation such as GDPR and PSD2
  • SECURITY & PRIVACY: Achieve security and privacy policy requirements

Effortless Onboarding to Your Online Services

Once a new customer data has been entered into the CRM your sales manager can simply push a button on the CRM user interface and invite a named person from the customer organization as a new user of your online services.

The sales manager can also invite persons who are not yet your customers through the CRM using the lead / opportunity data. If your organization has business-to-business online services the ability to invite your leads to try out your services could potentially shorten your sales cycles considerably.

20% – 30% Increase in Sales &Marketing

On a yearly base 20-30% of customer data becomes invalidated in your CRM, called dirty data, despite your sales managers best efforts to maintain it. The challenge is that they simply do not have the visibility to the customer organization.

A named person within your customer organization becomes the administrator. Instead of your sales managers trying to keep up with changes in their customer organizations and keeping the customer data accurate, the new administrative user in you customer organization takes care of that.

The delegated administration model ensures that customer data is always accurate. You don’t have to worry about the deteriorating customer data anymore. You can better target your existing customers with relevant marketing campaigns and you’ll free up time for your sales managers to create more revenue or increase customer intake.

Properly Authorized Users

One of the main tasks of the named person in your customer organization as the administrative user is to invite new users from his own organization as users of your online services. Each user will be authorized by granting a role or roles to them. The Ubisecure Identity Platform will ensure that only properly authorized users can access your services.

The named person can also invite new users outside his own organization. Your online services will see them as representatives of the customer organization. This gives enormous flexibility for your online services while at the same time keeping up with Know Your Customer demands and could potentially lead into new prospects through the identity ecosystem.

Phenomenal Customer Experience and Journey

With Ubisecure Identity Platform you can build an ecosystem where your customers and partners can use their own corporate identities to login into your services. After a simple registration and linking of the customer data the users of your online services can simply Single Sign-On from their corporate network to your services as properly authorized representatives of their organisation.

The comprehensive standard support ensures that you can link all your applications and services under the IAM umbrella. The support for modern web SSO standards also makes it possible to create a unified identity strategy across channels from mobile apps to applications to things or devices.


The access privileges to your online services depend on the valid contract between your customer and you. If this contract becomes invalid due to natural expiration or due to some other reason, the access to your online services should cease for your customers. The time to close all access privileges across all of your systems by the IT administration or customer services desk can take days and even then there might be an application they might have missed.

When using the Ubisecure Identity Server you will tie the access privileges to the CRM contract information. Once the contract expires, Ubisecure IS will automatically take care of the revocation of access privileges.

Another aspect of security is protecting your confidential assets. Some services may include information or have transaction capabilities that can be considered sensitive or of high-value. The Ubisecure Identity Platform comes with over 20+ supported authentication methods from social to mobile and biometrics.

To protect your data, you can deploy multi-factor authentication where needed – and only where needed. The multitude of supported authentication methods mean that you can select exactly the right kind of user identity verification for all of your assets form capturing consumer users using social media identities to protecting high-value commercial transactions with PKI powered mobile app with biometrics.

Compliance to Regulation

Online commerce is no longer the Wild Wild West it used to be. Directives, laws, regulations and standards are pushing companies from several fronts.

One of the biggest regulations coming into effect in 2018 is the European General Data Protection Regulation that is designed on the Privacy by Design principle. An IAM system such as the Ubisecure Identity Server can make it easier to comply to this new European wide law.

Payment and finance industry has a new directive approaching fast. The Payment Services Directive 2 includes a plethora of changes and challenges to the finance industry. Identity and access management solutions are especially well equipped to help organizations to comply to the strong authentication requirement in the directive, but also to protect the APIs that financial institutions need to make available.

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CIAM For Consumer Services

Cookies suck. You can’t create an omni-channel strategies that uses cookies for tracking users and trying to offer them personalized services. Cookies can be deleted and private browsing makes it hard to figure out who is on the other end of the fibre. But so far consumer online services have built elaborate systems to track users using cookies. There’s a new technology to support your investment for cookie based systems that can deliver a true omni-channel and unified identity experience for your customers. It’s called Customer Identity and Access Management.

Capture and Convert

One of the most difficult jobs an online site designer / business developer is how to capture and convert a visitor. Users can be lured to a site with offers, campaigns, word-of-mouth, social media reputation or plain old cold calling. Each visitor is a potential customer.

One of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment is the registration requirement (conversion). You as an online commerce owner would naturally like to know as much as possible about the visitor. Cookies can help here to profile the user, but complex registration will drive the visitor away. The ability to tap into external 3rd party databases for identity attribute information can make the registration a breeze for the visitor. Ubisecure Identity Server can be linked to these repositories to smooth out the conversion process and considerably increase your conversion rates and therefore revenue.

Social media identity integration is a way to offer the visitors an easy way to login. This is something we can do for you, but surprisingly big percentage have adverse feelings using social media identities for registration. An alternative is to use another prevalent identifier; the mobile phone number. The Ubisecure Identity Server can be connected to mobile network operators that can offer valid identity attributes and these can be used to prefill the fields in the registration forms, or completely automate the process. During this process the active user consent can be collected making sure your services are compliant with e.g. the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

Return of the Customer

Once you have converted a visitor into a customer you need to make sure they come back to you when they need new similar or other services / products you offer. The key to this is to offer an exceptional online experience. The journey starts with a smooth registration and the initial purchase.

Customers will return if they can use something that they already had when they registered. Social media identities are good for this purpose. Facebook, Google, VKontakte or LinkedIn cover well over 1 billion people with tremendous purchasing power. For larger transaction and services where better security is required you can deploy any of the multi-factor methods supported by Ubisecure Identity Platform in minutes through simple configuration.

Privacy by Design – GDPR

Privacy by Design is a concept that is materialising throughout the world. One of the biggest thrusts towards better privacy is embodied in the European General Data Protection Regulation. Identity and Access Management products play a key role helping organisations with online services to comply with this (and many other) regulations.

Centralised identity management system with self-service user interfaces makes it easier to:

  • Let customers validate and modify their own information (control)
  • Gather active consent from the users and letting them manage the consents they’ve given
  • Ensure that when personal data attributes are transferred internally or to external services through federation, only the absolute minimum of the data is sent to the receiving party
  • Comply to the GDPR regulation “right for erasure” and / or transferring their account data

Building privacy preserving services benefit both the customer and the service provider. Customers trust services where they have better control over their data. A trustworthy service will have better conversion and return rates. At the same time companies can create cost savings by enabling more self-services for their customers.

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