I didn’t get the appeal of podcasts before I started listening to them, but now I’m hooked. There are so many podcasts out there – comedy podcasts, activity podcasts, political podcasts etc. – that there’s something to listen to for any situation. Of course, that’s a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, so it’s always helpful to get recommendations (see below!).

But why the hype? The main appeal for me is that I can listen anywhere on-demand – standing on a train, cooking, running – where reading wouldn’t be practical. Sure, music is good for that stuff too, but podcasts are way more absorbing and I feel like I’m multitasking by learning cool stuff while doing what I need to do.

I think podcasts work especially well for business topics, like identity, because there’s so much content out there to read – trust me, I’m an identity content writer. So sometimes you just reach a limit as to what you can take in that way, and switching to this format stops my eyes going blurry 😵.

Let’s Talk About Digital Identity

In around May 2019, we launched our podcast, Let’s Talk About Digital Identity (LTADI). The idea was for our host, Oscar Santolalla, to interview an identity management leader in every episode, providing a platform for others to learn from their deep knowledge of the industry. Updating this blog in December 2023, the podcast has now been running for nearly 5 years, having published episode 100 in November. The podcast has seen fantastic growth and we are still going with lots more exciting episodes on the way. And as always, we couldn’t do it without our brilliant guests, so a huge thank you to all participants!

Our guests hail from all over the world, from where Ubisecure has its roots in Finland, to Kenya, to New Zealand. They cover all kinds of identity topics – national and international identity schemes, public and private sector identity solutions, the future of digital identity, and lots more. We are continually expanding the diversity of our guests and their areas of expertise to provide a platform for global, thought (and action) provoking views of our industry. We love learning from every guest that joins the show and know that our listeners love it too.

Identity podcasts you can subscribe to now

Shameless plug: Let’s Talk About Digital Identity (LTADI).

  • Where to listen: Apple, Spotify, Google – and many more
  • We’re also in the process of publishing transcripts for each episode, starting from the beginning. Check out this YouTube playlist or the podcast blogs.
  • Already listen to LTADI? We’d really appreciate it if you could subscribe, like, review etc. – it really helps the show get found by others like you.

But also, shout out to some of our fellow identity podcasters!

With all these great choices, I hope you’ll join me in getting more identity industry news and content from podcasts in the coming year.