Helen - Energy company login

Helen – Energy company login

Our customers include popular everyday brands. These customers especially value that the customer experience is branded at all stages when using our products. Our products contain powerful configuration options to support such a branded user experience.

How Ubisecure Identity Platform supports branding:

  • Support for rebranding all aspects of the user interface via User Interface (UI) templates.
  • The same application can request one of a range of permitted templates and modify them depending on various environmental hints, enabling the same application to be used by different brands.
  • Support for presenting an additional service-specific logo in the user interface, in addition to the Identity Provider template logo. Great for sub-brands or campaign logins.
  • Support for showing service-specific logos and service-specific background images in mobile authenticator applications.
  • Support for complete customization and localization of all textual elements – letting you speak the language of your brand. Your “user account” is a “membership”, for example.
  • Ability to incorporate the login process within the target application page
  • Is your png/jpg/svg graphical logo in Spanish different to your logo in English? We have the ability to store current brand resources (images, text) in a localizable format and in a central place.
  • Including the brand and service references in out-of-band messaging, such as email messages, reminder messages, SIM application dialogs and SMS messages.

Why it’s important to use your brand consistently in the login process: 

Tekes Login

Tekes – A research and development funding agency login

There’s good reasons for keeping the appearance of the system consistent throughout the login experience:

  • login is often the “front door” of a website, especially if the user is following a deep link to a protected service
  • branding, logos and colours are important trust indicators that the user uses to evaluate page security, especially when logging in and performing step-up authentication
  • the logout page itself, or the page to where logged out users are redirected, will stay in the mind of the user and be the last touch to the service in a transaction. Our software maintains the brand and language from login to logout

My next post will show some examples of these settings in practice.


By Keith Uber, Vice President, Sales Engineering