Identity Platform for External Users


Built for Developers to simplify how applications use external digital identities, SSO,
MFA, authorisation, identity data management and much more.


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IAM Customer Experience

Customer Experience

IAM Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

IAM Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

IAM Regulation



Customer Experience

Increase capture and conversion, and engagement with a consistent and frictionless customer experience across all channels and devices, from branded registration to Single Sign-On.

Take a deeper dive into IAM impact to Customer Experience:

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  • Simplified or automated customer registration
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) across all connected services
  • Federation and business networks
  • Social login and Bring Your Own Identity for quick conversion and improved retention
  • Omni-channel experience
  • Branding support
  • Consistent user experience support


Operational Efficiency

Minimise operating costs by streamlining resource heavy workflows, embracing scalable self-service identity management and empowering the customer, and linking the CRM contract information with identity data.

Take a deeper dive into IAM impact to Operational Efficiency:

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  • Tiered delegated administration – allow customers to manage their users themselves
  • Empowering your customer through self-service identity management
    • Identity profile and consent management
    • Self-cleansing of CRM data
    • Data verification policy and rules
    • Authentication method management
  • CRM integration/linking – IAM database master of identities, CRM master of contract information
  • APIs & application integration
  • Extensive SSO support for existing cloud applications
  • Scalable storage of identity / data (CustomerID)
  • Out of the box and customisable workflows
  • Streamlined reporting and support for 3rd party Business Intelligence integration
  • Provisioning through any ESB


Security & Privacy

Avoid the brand impact of exposing private data by outsourcing identity, enforcing per service security & authorization policies, employing multi-factor authentication where needed and building in privacy by design.

Take a deeper dive into IAM impact to Security & Privacy:

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  • Identity Broker Engine – aggregate attributes from various sources
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Step-up identity sources and step-up MFA
  • Password policy & recovery/reset
  • The basic credentials (e-mail, phone number) verification
  • Centralised authorization policy management
  • Flexible authorisation policies per service
  • Role based access control and attribute based access control
  • Consent Management Engine
  • Extensive standards support
  • Privacy by Design



Meet EU driven regulation such as GDPR and PSD2, where tight controls around authentication, data collection, handling, sharing and consent control require modern identity solutions.

Take a deeper dive into IAM impact to Regulation:

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  • Centralised access, modification / review, transfer and deletion of PII
  • Consent collection, management and revocation
  • Centralised policies for control of identity attribute release
  • Strong Customer Authentication

Solution Deployment

Ubisecure solutions provide highly secure, highly available mission critical services to our customers. Identity Platform solutions can be deployed as on-premise IAM software or as cloud based managed services.

Ubisecure Identity Server

Fully featured IAM software.

Ubisecure Consumer IAM

Ubisecure Identity Cloud

Fully featured managed IAM cloud service.

See how the award winning Ubisecure Identity Platform improves Customer Experience, Operational Efficiency, Security & Privacy and delivers Regulation Compliance like GDPR.
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