Deployed as software or cloud services, the Identity Platform is the integrated solution driving Ubisecure identity products and solutions

Self-Service and Role Based Access

Empowering your external users to manage their own identities and access will reduce the burden on your customer service team and improve your user experience. Your customers can make their own changes and gain access to your services based upon roles assigned to them. This functionality will save your organization significant time and money, while also improving your user experience and accuracy of your customer data.

Self-service and better access to their own data will boost trust in your customer base. It will also help you comply to privacy oriented regulations such as the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Registration as a service

Web Single Sign-On (SSO)

Provide single sign-on capabilities for your external users (consumers, customers and partners) to easily login once with their preferred credentials and authenticate to access all the services and applications they have been given rights to – eliminating the need for multiple logins or credentials.

For your corporate customers you can provide Single Sign-On from their own corporate network to your services. This will take the customer experience into a next level when your customers do not have to create yet another access credential for your services.

Single sign on

Strong Authentication

With support for over 20 authentication methods, Ubisecure Identity Platform provides the ability to choose the best authentication method for your users, services, devices and transactions. Access to confidential resources can be protected with stronger methods. Individual transactions can be verified using strong multi-factor methods for security and compliance.

Strong or multi-factor authentication is becoming a requirement in many verticals from healthcare to finance to government e-services. With Ubisecure Identity Platform you can deploy a strong authentication option for your customers in a few minutes thanks to the built-in support for several advanced authentication methods.

The fine grained authorization policies that can be easily created and managed through the Identity Platforms management console you can easily create an identity verification policies where strong authentication is used only when necessary, leaving less confidential portions of your services accessible with lower level of identity verification measures.

Identity Providers

Tiered Delegated Administration

With multiple out-of-the-box self-service workflows, you can outsource the identity and authorization management to your customers, creating considerable cost savings. Customers and partners manage their own organizations’ user identities with the ability to create new ones, invite others, authorize employees, delegate roles and more.

Know Your Customer is a requirement in many verticals, especially in the finance world with Anti Money Laundry (AML) regulation. The ability to allow your own customers manage their own identities and authorization enables you to easily comply to this demand.

Delegated admin


For consumers, federation means seamless access to diverse resources without the unnecessary need to authenticate again, and the ability to use their preferred login method, such as Facebook and others. For enterprises, it’s a new way to generate business by opening the doors of your web business to trusted partners and enabling single sign-on from their corporate network to your services.

Federated identities are becoming more and more prevalent with banks and mobile network operators starting to provide 3rd party authentication services for online services. The Ubisecure Identity Platform will allow your services to integrate to these 3rd party sources in minutes, or if you happen to be an issuer of properly vetted identities (bank, mobile network operator, government or federal organization or a healthcare provider) you can become an Identity Provider yourself and generate new revenue from the identities you have issued and boost customer loyalty as your customers can now access external services with an identity you have issued.

Login methods

CRM Integration

Integrate your CRM system with the Ubisecure Identity Platform to improve conversion rate, data accuracy, and convenience. You can invite your customers or prospects directly from your CRM to the online service they need, and you can tie the access privileges to the contract life-cycle. Automating customer organization registrations based on CRM information will increase convenience and ease-of-use.

When you combine the tiered and delegated administration model and CRM-integration your sales and marketing will become 20-30% more effective. As the customers are maintaining their own data and authorizations your sales and marketing department has always accurate information about who in your customer organization they should target with sales & marketing campaigns. The CRM integration can eliminate the constant problem of dirty data in your CRM.

CRM IAM solutions

Solution Deployment

Identity Platform solutions can be deployed as on-premise IAM software or as cloud based managed services.

Identity Server

Fully featured IAM software.

Ubisecure Consumer IAM

Identity Cloud

Fully featured managed IAM cloud service.

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