RapidLEI launched a little over 12 months ago to help companies simplify how they issue, manage and gain greater value from their Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI). We have now welcomed 13,000 organisations to the service, and we are extremely excited that RapidLEI has quickly become an LEI issuer of choice for organisations all over the globe.  The latest reports show:

  • Two consecutive quarters of being the fastest growing LEI issuer – Q1 135% & Q2 85%
  • The most LEIs transferred in from other LEI issuers
  • Is now a top three issuer of new LEIs issued to organisations

Q2 GLEIF stats

In the month of July 2019, 1 in 10 of every new LEIs issued to organisations were issued by RapidLEI. This cements RapidLEI’s position as one of the top three global LEI issuers alongside DTCC (GMEI) and Bloomberg. An exciting impact to the LEI market after just one year!

July RapidLEI stats

Complimenting the growth, feedback on the service continues to be exceptional. The TrustPilot customer satisfaction review site continues to rank the service as “Excellent” with 5 stars.


RapidLEI 5 Star Review


Reviews, all public and unedited, can be read at https://www.trustpilot.com/review/rapidlei.com. Unique advantages like the fully automated issuance process and same-session API are being received well as the RapidLEI brand grows. The majority of Partner orders are now being placed via the RapidLEI API, dramatically reducing workflow and issuance time, whilst maximising Partner ROI and end customer satisfaction.

In other LEI news, our partner channel continues to expand, and in recent months we’ve welcomed fintech provider Neo Capital Markets, established Registration Agent LEI Worldwide, Lebanese cybersecurity provider CIEL and South African communications company PBSA.

The value of providing highly assured organisation identity continues to gain momentum. Ubisecure is now offering organisations the ability to use LEIs as the central organisation identity in workflows for electronic power of attorney, digital certificates, signing and Right to Represent. Get in touch to discuss your business needs.

To obtain LEIs, or to join the RapidLEI Partner Program visit https://rapidlei.com.