Let’s talk about digital identity with Simon Wood, CEO of Ubisecure.

In episode 22, we’re featuring a bonus lockdown episode in which Oscar talks to Simon about how the current pandemic has changed, and is still changing, the digital identity landscape.

“Now is the time for the digital identity industry to practice what we preach – security, efficiency, user experience, regulatory compliance.”

The conversation covers the key issues surrounding remote working and digital-first strategies, exploring both the commercial and governmental sides of the situation we all find ourselves in. Simon touches on the privacy aspects of contact tracing, the now ‘blurred lines’ of internal and external users from an identity and access management perspective, and the key role of SaaS to enable fast routes to digitalisation.

As Group CEO at Ubisecure, Simon Wood is responsible for planning, communicating and delivering Ubisecure’s overall vision and corporate strategy to enable the true potential of digital business through modern identity management solutions. 

Connect with Simon on LinkedIn.

As mentioned in the episode, Simon joined a previous episode of Let’s Talk About Digital Identity. Catch up here: https://www.ubisecure.com/podcast/simon-wood/.

Ubisecure provides feature rich customer identity management software and services to help companies reduce identity data breach risk, improve operational efficiencies, and improve user experience.

Find out more at ubisecure.com.

We’ll be continuing this conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter using #LTADI – join us @ubisecure!


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