Let’s Talk About Digital Identity with Schehrezade Davidson, CEO of Tricerion.

In episode 41, Oscar and Schehrezade explore Tricerion’s immunity passport – ImmucheX. They discuss the challenges that immunity passports present – including privacy, trust and regulatory compliance – and how Tricerion is responding to those challenges.

“Fundamentally it’s about trust, it’s about accuracy. It’s complicated but there is a way forward.”

Schehrezade DavidsonSchehrezade Davidson is the CEO of Tricerion Limited, a company that owns novel patented mutual authentication software using image passwords. Find Schehrezade on LinkedIn.

This is Schehrezade’s second LTADI podcast appearance. Listen to her previous episode (26), describing Tricerion’s neurographic passwords solution, here – www.ubisecure.com/podcast/neurographic-passwords-tricerion-schehrezade-davidson/

Find out more about Tricerion’s ImmucheX solution at www.tricerion.com/immuchex.

We’ll be continuing this conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter using #LTADI – join us @ubisecure!


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