Let’s talk about digital identity with Schehrezade Davidson, CEO of Tricerion.

In episode 26, Oscar talks to Schehrezade about Tricerion’s neurographic authentication solution – picture-based passwords. They discuss how neurographic authentication solves the risks of alphanumeric passwords and spoof phishing, the benefits for users who find it hard to remember and input alphanumeric passwords, and its use cases.

“None of us like passwords, we want something simple. But individuals understand they need something secure.”

Schehrezade Davidson is the CEO of Tricerion, whose innovative SafeLogin product provides strong mutual authentication with picture-based passwords.

Find out more about Tricerion and watch videos of how it works at tricerion.com.

Schehrezade DavidsonSchehrezade has 30 years’ experience in financial services and equity fund management, where her expertise covered investing in large and small cap companies. She has over 10 years’ experience in early stage technology investing, especially in companies on the cusp of commercialisation. Schehrezade was an early stage investor in Tricerion.

Find Schehrezade on LinkedIn.

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