In a new International Women’s Day tradition, I’m highlighting, celebrating, and saying THANK YOU to the amazing women that have joined our Let’s Talk About Digital Identity (LTADI) podcast.

Since International Women’s Day 2021, six more inspirational women have hit LTADI’s airwaves, sharing their expertise on several identity topics. So to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, here’s a recap of some of their thought leadership, with links to listen to the full episodes. 

Happy listening, and thanks again to these brilliant women who are innovating and paving the way in the identity industry!

Mei Ngan Evaluating face recognition biometrics with Mei Ngan, NIST


> Listen to Mei’s episode

“[Face recognition] technology really has come a long way, especially when you only have half the face available to do recognition with. But with that said though, there still remains certain limitations to the technology – such as being able to differentiate between identical twins, demographic differentials and extremely poor-quality photos.”

Elizabeth Garber Launching the Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) with Elizabeth Garber


> Listen to Elizabeth’s episode

“This is really going to unleash creativity and expand access to individuals and communities and sellers all around the world.”

Kay Chopard Series 3 launch: Meet Kantara’s new Executive Director, Kay Chopard


> Listen to Kay’s episode

“Digital identity is going to be one of the most critical issues going forward, for the world.”

Titi Akinsanmi Global Trust Frameworks and Digital Identity with Titi Akinsanmi 


> Listen to Titi’s episode

“Digital identity is very much at the core of a lot of the adoption of technology that’s happening.”

Schehrezade Davidson Immunity passports case study with Tricerion CEO, Schehrezade Davidson 


> Listen to Schehrezade’s episode

“Fundamentally it’s about trust, it’s about accuracy. It’s complicated but there is a way forward.”

Erdoo Yongo The power of mobile for digital identity inclusion with GSMA’s Erdoo Yongo 


> Listen to Erdoo’s episode

“There are a range of opportunities for mobile technology and mobile operators to play a pivotal role in the development of digital identity ecosystems.”

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