The wait is almost over… series three of the Let’s Talk About Digital Identity podcast will return on 25th August – and we’ve got more fantastic guests lined up!

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Podcast trailer transcript and links to episodes:

[René Seifert, Co-Founder & Co-Head at] Please let me just add, I think it’s really interesting because I listened to some 80% of your podcast and I think what you’re doing – you’re doing a great service of building this industry of digital identity.

[Oscar Santolalla] Hi, this is Oscar Santolalla, host of Let’s Talk About Digital Identity – a podcast brought to you by Ubisecure. In each episode, I interview bright minds in the digital identity space, focusing on hot topics and stories from the industry.

[Katryna Dow, Founder and CEO of Meeco] It was the film minority report and I don’t know if you remember that, or you know super futuristic technologies… I just remember being in the cinema and staring at the screen and thinking “is this really the future?” And in some ways it may look like a marketer’s dream.

[Bengt Berg, Head of Compliance Management Services at Cybercom] The most common system or platform to get hacked is the system you didn’t even know that you had.

[Lisa Forte, Partner at Red Goat Cyber Security] Researchers had discovered that goats were able to identify intruders into their herd, just hearing their voice.

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