After the success of the IAMwithUBI Nordic event, on 27th September in the heart of London, Ubisecure hosted the first ‘local’ IAMwithUBI event. The events welcome partners, customers, prospects and identity ecosystem stakeholders to meet and discuss more about the UK digital identity landscape through presentations, Q&A and networking.

For those that missed the event we’ve summarised the stand-out dialogue. Stay tuned for the event video which we will be publishing shortly.


Simon Wood, Ubisecure

Ubisecure’s CEO Simon Wood welcomed the attendees and kicked off the event with a simple question to the audience: why is Ubisecure expanding to the UK now?

“Simply put – it’s the right time. It’s the right time for us and the right time in Europe for Ubisecure to be making its mark outside of the Nordics as an identity services enabler. Currently, there are many changes happening in the digital world. We all went through the noise, the scaremongering of GDPR, but behind all the noise were crucial issues, and that noise drew critical and crucial attention to issues regarding data and identity – issues that need attention when the digital world is now intrinsically linked to individuals’ lives.”

Simon continued by describing the business opportunity for resellers/integrators/VARs and distributors of Customer IAM (CIAM) solutions in the UK by sharing some interesting stats on the growth rates of CIAM segments across Europe. He reiterated that Ubisecure has a partner-centric growth strategy, and now the organisation is backed by Octopus Investments the company will be taking the years of identity expertise to a much wider market.


Colin Wallis, Kantara

Colin Wallis is Executive Director for the Kantara Initiative, a non-profit consortium advancing trust framework operations for digital identity and privacy. For Colin, the European state of digital identity can be likened to the old wedding rhyme:

“Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

The ‘old’ being models based on past concepts that do not function in an age of new digitisation. These old models have caused the data breaches we are all familiar with – such as those at Facebook and Google – and have also allowed excessive infringement on our personal privacy through countless cookies and other means of digital-surveillance that bombard us with unwanted and unwarranted advertisement campaigns and use of data.

The ‘new’ is the current means that endeavour to solve the issues of the ‘old’. These include AI and Blockchain based identity. Most notable being blockchain. This gives us a private channel with another person, organisation, or thing; it shall not be used just to prove identity, but to exchange verifiable digital credentials too; best of all, there is no central registration authority as every digital identity is registered directly on a blockchain or distributed network.

The ‘new’ then raises the issue of something ‘borrowed’. Can blockchain really be something new? Or is it an amalgamation of existing technologies that have come together  to create something new?

Something (Ubi) blue? – I’ll just leave that there…

And the ‘silver sixpence in her shoe’ details the prosperous, and somewhat serendipitous – to quote Colin – “advancement of Ubisecure into the UK market at a time when Digital Identity matters more than ever”.


Keith Uber, Ubisecure

Ubisecure’s VP Customer Success, Keith Uber, gave customer case studies from our clients across Europe – YIT, S-Group, ADITRO, and Metsä. He detailed how these clients benefit from the flexibility of our authentication systems which eliminates registration friction to allow site visitors to be captured and converted. Keith detailed how Ubisecure Identity Platform customers often start with support for social identities to provide effortless registration and then continue with functions like Single Sign-On (SSO) to allow end customers to use a single digital identity to log into many different services. Combine these benefits and you take business customer experience to new levels.

Keith also talked the audience through Ubisecure’s IAM Academy program which is a fantastic asset for Ubisecure partners to train and grow their technical and commercial knowledge with us. In this specific training program our partners can train twice a year in modules that cover IAM basics and extend through to in depth business and technical aspects of Identity and Access Management, and for roles in both Technical and Sales roles.


Micke Rantanen, DNA

Following Keith’s case studies, DNA’s Micke Rantanen joined us to explain DNA’s successful experience of Ubisecure’s Identity Platform. Micke detailed how he is ‘very satisfied’ with the platform’s SSO system that have notably saved both money and time, and provide extremely secure software that have proven ‘easy to deploy’.


Networking Time

We closed the event in the cool Ubisecure blue lights of the Grubstreet Author with some great food, drinks, networking and conversations. Details for the next IAMwithUBI event to follow soon! In the meantime come meet us at Consumer Identity World in Amsterdam Oct 29-31.


If you’d like to know more or discuss how we can help you build digital identity into your applications, please get in touch!