Since launching in the US in 2007, the now-international Open Identity Exchange (OIX) has attracted high-profile members such as Google, HSBC, the Cabinet Office (UK government) and, since December 2018, Ubisecure.

What is the Open Identity Exchange?

The OIX is a technology agnostic, non-profit trade organisation of cross-sector leaders focused on building the volume and velocity of trusted transactions online.

The OIX is a thought-leadership forum aimed at informing and inspiring the identity community through events, projects and online materials. One such project is the LIGHTest project. This is an EC-funded scheme looking at creating a global trust infrastructure for electronic transactions for which the OIX, as their partner, provides the ‘curation’ element (depicted below).


Naturally, OIX members are occasionally competitors. But for a topic so vital in 2019 as trust in online identity, considering data breaches seen frequently in the news, the collaborative aspect is far more important. Besides, a bit of competition can inspire great ideas!

Ubisecure and the OIX

Ubisecure joined the OIX after contributing to Open ID work groups for a number of years, for example MODRNA, and also to the LIGHTest project as mentioned previously. Our field is primarily Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), and Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI), so being part of these early conversations around trusted identity helps us to drive the industry forward and therefore to get ahead of trends. See our recent blog on OpenID Connect CIBA for one such instance.

The OIX membership allows us to connect both with thoughts and with people – providing a useful overview of the market and meeting with a large network of key stakeholders in the identity industry.

We focus on innovating around three particular identity domains – individuals, things and organisations. In 2018, we became an accredited LEI issuer, meaning that we are way ahead when it comes to offering solutions around organisation identity and representation governance (or ‘right to represent’). Read more about our company vision and the value of organisation identity here. It’s this area that we most look forward to bringing our thoughts on to the OIX community.

Executive Director of the OpenID Foundation and Chairman of the OIX, Don Thibeau, says:

“We are delighted to welcome Ubisecure as new member to the Open Identity Exchange. Ubisecure are incredibly well respected in the marketplace and we look forward to welcoming their knowledge and expertise to OIX.”

If you’d like to discuss Ubisecure’s OIX membership, or see a demo of the Identity Platform in action, please get in touch here.