On September 29th, we announced that the GlobalSign IAM business would be spun out of the GlobalSign and its Tokyo based parent GMO Internet and into an independent company operating under the name of Ubisecure, Inc.   Today we are launching our new Ubisecure, Inc corporate identity, including a new brand, vision statement, marketing website and evolved product portfolio (more on that later).


Our new brand

cropped-ubisecure-512-logo.pngPrior to joining the GMO group, existing partners and customers will remember that we operated as Ubisecure Solutions OY.  As the Ubisecure brand has been synonymous with identity management and Customer IAM innovation for many years (since 2002 in fact), when completing the spin out, returning to the Ubisecure name made a lot of sense to us.  But we wanted to take the opportunity to update the corporate brand look and feel to represent our modern approach to IAM services, while recognizing our past within the GMO and GlobalSign group.  We decided that the new logo needed to comprise of a familiar color palette but be independently recognizable as a symbol of our accelerated growth.


The updated vision

Over our years deploying Enteprise, Government and Customer IAM solutions and we’ve concluded that identity management is really about enabling digital business.  Successful digital business comes from creating frictionless user experiences and gaining valuable customer insight, which in turn impacts how companies grow revenue or control costs.  Thanks to our hundreds of customers, we’ve solved much more than just identity management headaches.  We’ve enabled new business models for dozens of our customers.  So we wanted our evolved vision to capture how identity is increasingly at the center of all modern customer facing initiatives.  This updated vision drives our people, our decisions and our investments.

We will enable the true potential of digital business.  We do this by making it easy for organizations to deploy and use rich digital identities to simplify and secure registration and access for applications, services and devices, and by offering organizations expanded business opportunities via new identity driven ecosystems.  Our technology will help meet consumer privacy expectations, provide a consistent user experience across various service channels and mobile devices, and simplify how organizations manage millions of identity driven relationships across all services, applications and things.

Our new Identity Platform

Customers and partners have been essential in helping us simplify how we position and deploy our identity management solutions.  As the functionality of our platform expanded, and the need for unified identity management solutions becomes more commonplace, it has become increasingly difficult to expect our customers and partners to maintain a modular understanding of our IAM related services.  So the launch of our new identity also incorporates the launch of a simplified, unified platform we call the Ubisecure Identity Platform.  The functionality of our previous SSO, Customer ID, Trust and Confirm modules are now available in a single integrated platform and deployed either through on-premise software (Identity Server) or via the cloud (Identity Cloud).

This approach will help our Partners more effectively deploy Ubisecure solutions for their customers, understand the common functionality components, and allow our Product team to clearly define universal solutions for specific technology use cases (e.g. Customer IAM, GDPR consent management, GSMA Mobile Connect identity gateways), emerging business needs (e.g. Industrial IoT), and our key vertical focuses (e.g. Telco, Retail, Healthcare and Finance).


Our new investors

I’m incredibly excited to announce that Ubisecure is now a portfolio company of Base 10 Ventures (B10V).  B10V was founded earlier this year by Paul Tourret and myself upon our exit from GlobalSign, and we are focused on identity management and cybersecurity investments.  As we complete the Ubisecure spin out Paul and I will hold interim executive positions at Ubisecure, but over the next few months we will be making announcements regarding new appointments to the executive team at Ubisecure as we expand our presence to London and Boston.


Looking to the future of identity management

We would like to thank our customers, partners and staff for making this next stage of our business evolution possible, and we look forward to accelerating the innovation in the identity management ecosystem.  The new Ubisecure will continue to evolve, and we’re extremely proud of the work the team has done to date, and what we’ll be working on together into the future.


A full FAQ on the spin out for customers, partners and stakeholders is available on request.