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Featured Customer Success Story

S-Group & Customer IAM

Retail Giant S-Group embraces digital identity as core to its digitalisation strategy


This customer case study examines how S-Group uses the Ubisecure Identity Platform to achieve a wide range of Customer IAM functionality designed around providing customers with a single identity for all S-Group company applications and services.

  • Registration and login using social, business and S-Group’s accepted strong identities
  • Provide workflows for situational multi-factor authentication (step-up auth) and authorisation based on profile
  • Provide single-sign on (SSO) across all group applications and services
  • Offer personalised customer journeys based on single identities
  • Provide customers with 24/7 self-service identity data management

You will also learn how S-Group’s vision of connecting all applications and services to a single consumer identity led to improving user experience, privacy and security for identity credentials.